Jak to naprawde jest w wyborem miejsca na turnus?

Formalności, których trzeba dopełnić przed wyjazdem na turnus rehabilitacyjny.

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Re: Jak to naprawde jest w wyborem miejsca na turnus?

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Parallel compression – Either with direct input and output or as the subject of the effects chain

More than ten different types of dirt and filth that can be assigned to any keystroke, the dirt frequency is the key to the volume and the flexibility of Dirtbox

Parallel Compression allows you to decide between a subtle and warm distortion or a dynamic and destructive one.

12 mono outs and additional stereo outs

External controls:

A high-pass filter on the mono outs allows the dirt to be applied separately to the left or right channel (increasing the dirt level when the left channel is muted).

Stereo out pairs are also available

Harmonic filter and low-pass filter on all outs

Applies to any keystroke

For flexible use, dirt frequency can be reassigned to any keystroke


New in version 2.0:

Master volume control – if you set the dirt frequency to “compress”, the compressor gain is also set, giving you full control over the relative level of the dirt and compression

Variable filter cutoff frequency – The actual dirt frequency can be changed at any moment by adjusting the filter cutoff frequency.Q:

how to use values of optional parameters passed in jquery ajax request

This is the code I am trying to update:
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contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
success: function (response) {
alert("Data updated successfully");
error: function (response) {


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