Typhoon Hin Thorn Bud hits South Korea Flooding in basement car park kills seven

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Typhoon Hin Thorn Bud hits South Korea Flooding in basement car park kills seven

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Typhoon Hin Thorn Bud hits South Korea 7 dead in basement car park trapped
Rescuers remove a survivor from an underground car park in Pohang. that wasSLOTXOalmost completely flooded From the influence of Typhoon Hin Nam Noo (Photo by YONHAP / AFP)

Influence of Typhoon Hin Thorn Bud South Korea's underground car park floods, killing seven

On September 7, 2022, the BBC reported that Seven deaths in South Korea The latter was stuck in the basement car park. During the flooding from Typhoon Hin Thorn Bud by before death They went down to the basement car park to move the car. but was stranded there due to strong currents.

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Authorities saved two people, one in their 30s and the other in a 50-year-old woman, who survived by hanging pipes on the ceiling for more than 12 hours during Typhoon Hin Thorn No. This is the strongest cyclone this year. blows down south korea

Rescuers had to wade through several meters of brown water to reach a nearly completely flooded basement. last Tuesday night

According to the Yonhap website, All 9 victims were residents of apartments. They were told by the building staff to hurry to move the car out of the parking lot.

South Korean President Yun Seok Yeol said that Pohang, the city where the tragedy took place, It suffered the worst damage in the country.

Yoon expressed his condolences to the deceased. and called this event a “disaster”.

He said, “At Pohang, people go to get their own cars. but had to suffer such a disaster I couldn't sleep all night as president.”

He also said Pohang was declared a special disaster zone and said he would travel to the area on Wednesday.

At least 10 people have died from the influence of Typhoon Hin Nam Noo. Which blows down the south and east coast of South Korea on Monday and Tuesday causing strong winds and heavy rain

Several other cities in the south Including Busan and Ulsan are facing the rubble caused by the storm. This has caused buildings to be demolished, roads torn and trees downed.

South Korea and many other East Asian countries It has faced record heavy rains and high temperatures in recent months.

at the beginning of August heavy rain causing flooding in many cities including Seoul The floods have killed at least eight people, three of them living in basements.

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Re: Typhoon Hin Thorn Bud hits South Korea Flooding in basement car park kills seven

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