Construction Calculator A1 Pro v2.5.6 build 24

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Construction Calculator A1 Pro v2.5.6 build 24

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Construction Calculator A1 Pro v2.5.6 build 24

Requirements: Android 4.1+ | File size: 37,36 MB

Construction Calculator all in one pro can calculate with the Imperial Measurement System & Metric Measurement system. App also supports the number of themes choose the colour you want. Construction Calculator All in one pro is a paid android application for construction calculations. We use simple tools in the application to simplify the calculations for the construction industry. We help to calculate almost all kinds of area, estimation calculation, volume calculation, unit converters, and normal calculator as well.

We have divided the application into some parts like quantity calculator, area calculator, volume calculator, unit converter, and normal calculator.

This calculator is useful for Civil engineers, Site Supervisors, Civil Engineering students, Mechanical Engineers, Construction Project Managers, Construction Store Manager, Fresher Engineers, Construction Contractors, Building Contractors, Store Keeper, Site Execution engineers, Estimation engineer, and many more. Even a normal person who needs to do basic home calculations then he also needs this app. You can calculate the plot area so it will be useful for Real estate agents as well.

Quantity Estimation App For Construction
Quantity Calculation of Building Materials

Building calculator is divided into the following four categories

Quantity Calculator includes:
• Reinforcement Steel Calculator
• Steel weight Calculator
• Concrete Calculator(with Volume, without volume, Circular Column)
• Excavation Calculator
• Backfill Calculator
• Brickwork Calculator
• Tile Calculator
• Plaster Calculator
• Paint
• Water Tank Capacity Calculation(Circular and Rectangular)
• Material Density
• Other Quantities and many more

Area Calculator includes:
• Area Measurement App
• Area Calculator for Land
• Circle Area Calculator
• Rectangle Area Calculator
• Triangle Area Calculator
• Rhombus Area Calculator
• L plot Area Calculator
• Square Area Calculator
• Right Angle Area Calculator
• Quadrilateral Area Calculator
• Other areas and Many more

Volume Calculator includes:
• Sphere Volume Calculator
• Cube Volume Calculator
• Block Volume Calculator
• Bucket Volume Calculator
• Semi Sphere Volume Calculator
• Cone Volume Calculator
• Cylinder Volume Calculator
• Trapezoid Volume Calculator
• Rectangular Prism Volume Calculator
• Spherical Cap Volume Calculator
• Frustrum Volume Calculator
• Hollow Rectangle Volume Calculator
• Tube Volume Calculator
• Slope volume calculator
• Other Volume Calculator and many more

Unit Convertor includes:
• Length
• Weight
• Area
• Volume
• Temperature
• Pressure
• Time
• Speed
• Fuel
• Angle
• Force
• Power
• Density
• Fraction toDecimal
• Number to word

• Steel Weight calculator
• Steel footing calculator
• Steel column calculator
• Steel beam calculator
• Steel slab calculator
• Concrete Tube
• Concrete of Gutter
• Concrete of Shear Wall
• Construction Cost
• AAC/CLC Block
• Asphalt
• Anti Termite
• Gypsum/POP Plaster

This app features
• Easy and simple to use
• Added Default standard values for Simplification
• Easy interface for everyone
• A non-technical person can use
• Gives accurate information
• Can share the answer
• Fast in Calculation
• Almost all construction calculations included
• Can reset data if an error in entry
• Scientific Calculator is included


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