NoiseWorks GainAim v1.0.1

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NoiseWorks GainAim v1.0.1

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NoiseWorks GainAim v1.0.1

demberto | 14 January 2023 | WiN | 7.32MB

With GainAim you get the best all in one tool to control the loudness of your signal.

GainAim has many usecases. With the different modes you can use GainAim as a vocal rider, gain matcher and more.

Target Loudness
Set your desired loudness in decibels. This is how loud the signal will be on average. (excluding audio below the noisefloor)

Choose the speed of the gain adjustment. Each mode has a unique usecase.

Allows you to exclude audio below a certain threshold when calculating the average gain.

Dynamic Adaption Speed
The larger the difference between input gain and output target, the faster the loudness adaption. This results in more natural Riding/Leveling.

Pre/Post Analyser
Allows you to see how GainAim adjusts your signal's loudness in realtime.

See the currently applied gain adjustment in decibels

Avoid writing gain automations for all your vocals by adding GainAim in Rider Mode.
• great for all types of gain riding.
• does not change the dynamics of the signal.

• Ideal for mixing and gain matching.
• slow gain adjustment that doesn't change the signal's dynamic range.
• great for avoiding the louder=better trap when working with compressors or equalizers in the same channel.

Pushes your signal to the desired target value way faster than "Rider" - without introducing artifacts. Great for avoiding the louder = better trap when browsing presets.
• changes the dynamics of your signal.

• pushes your signal to the desired target value as fast as possible.
• may introduce artifacts.
• "My signal turns into a sausage!"

Serials might work for Mac, can't test.

Whats new in this version
Official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

System Requirements
Formats: VST3, AU
OS: 64 bit - Windows, Mac (M1 Supported)


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