That distressed, yes. So anyways, I wished to know

Nawiąż kontakt z osobami, które wyjeżdżają do tego samego miejsca, co Ty. Dowiedz się wszystkiego, co trzeba wiedzieć przed wyjazdem na pobyt kuracyjny. Podziel się swoją wiedzą i doświadczeniem z osobami, które jeszcze nie wyjeżdżały.
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That distressed, yes. So anyways, I wished to know

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I have not been around at a good 4 weeks and I guess im just getting bored in my free time. Anyways I was never able to be a member before my parents would never let me, but today im 18 with my own bank account and card so they cant stop me muahahaha. (dont judge me know im old live with it) Anyways I don't have any idea what it's like to be a part, my main focuses will be NON SKILLS I am anything but a skiller, exactly what I need to know really is excellent training spots for range, superior items to purchase etc.. My account was hacked in the RS gold 4 months I was absent in the game, now I just have a measley 500k instead of my past 30mill therefore I should know how to make good money whilst training, or when getting a member yet is even worthwhile idk. What do you think men.

What I want to know is if anyone would like to be my Twin? I'd like someone to do Pvp with, and just someone to hang in general. I have afew friends that are Twins on RS and they're very great, and I started thinking, I desired a Twin, I even thought about creating another account simply to give away...

That distressed, yes. So anyways, I wished to know, if anybody has/had a Twin or when they'd like to be my Twin... If you would, please PM me in game or on hereworks, I would be pleased to help you begin a different file under a name close to"K0_Rang4" and might even think about starting a different myself, although I've spent tons of time to K0 already. Shes going to be a Godsword Pure at the conclusion, visit my Intro to get Ending Stats. Some names I'd like to have as a Twin could be: Idk, I simply love the notion of having a Twin, talk please...

Summoning - I'm currently at 52, but I want to get it into 57. I can get around halfway up there around the charms I've banked, but I'll have to gather more. Is there anything else that are good around my combat level, besides Basilisks? Well without even collecting the charms penguin points are extremely good exp. The penguins hide once every wednesday. Go to w60 and combine clan penguins w60. That will be great xp and ofc its completely free (ignoring price of runes to get about ) But if you do want to get charms ive heard rock lobsters are good.

Agility - I am currently at 52, and I need that in 60. I'm going to be doing the Wilderness Agility Course, but would it be better training when I coached to a PvP world since there's no revenants, or would I be PKed more frequently? You would get pked. Just when theres a skillet conceal underground and change worlds. Thieving - Presently at 50, I need it at 60. I looked in a guide for Sorceress's Garden, and also the cheap OSRS gold encounter seemed great, but for the fact that most people I have talked to said it's not that good.


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