And sometimes he's an idea but instead of executing on it

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And sometimes he's an idea but instead of executing on it

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Or, did she play an New Horizons Items open world game as a lot of 9-year-olds would? Running around and doing stupid shit just to find out what she could do? If so, then you are not justified in bringing in real world punishment for something she did from the game world.

Realistically, you should not be sharing a sport world with other people if you don't want them to potentially twist your workout. If it's that severe to you, then different consoles or games are in order here.

YTA. Holy shit. "I bought my daughter a change but I don't like the way she performs it so I grounded her." You're 40, she's 9. It is a game. Do not let her perform it if it's"you're game." Can you purchase this change to her or for you? If I bought my kid a Switch and desired a match for myself I didn't want her to mess up, I'd buy the physical cartridge and then hide it in my room or something when not playing. She ought to be able to do whatever she wants on"her Switch." Purchase your own Switch, asshole. Also, a lot of these NTAs are probably people without children or younger people. I'm sorry for your kid.

My kid and I play Minecraft together, my child is younger than op's daughter and does not get the"point". But he enjoys"building jointly". As in, I am building a house and he wishes to be building the exact same residence. And sometimes he's an idea but instead of executing on it perfectly he divides my home and replaces it with bricks that are straightened. Clearly when he fucks up my virtual house I throw I tantrum, yank his control out of his palms, and prohibit him out of my house.

Oh wait, I'm not a complete psycho, so I simply tell him what a fantastic job he's doing. Occasionally he gets frustrated because he is not quite as good as me (I swear I am not bragging about my abilities, I'm only better than a small child for now), and I remind him that the entire pleasure is acting together. I wonder if op's kid messed up the island as her mom sucks to play with. "Stay in your house and organize the knick knacks we depart you".

I enjoy playing with that child way more than I give a shit about some match. OP needs therapy.

Literally my first buy Animal Crossing Items thought"awesome meme but want more chins for this to be accurate"


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